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Healing and change begins with the therapeutic relationship. Through a nonjudgmental space we can process difficult emotions, gain awareness of what keeps us in suffering, and integrate newfound insights which can bring relief. I am sensitive to the ways our past experiences and future anxieties impact our present. Together we will explore and discover what unfolds moment-to-moment to gain new understanding and begin healing and moving toward wholeness. I am deeply honored to witness your journey.

Integrative therapy
for adults and adolescents


EMDR Therapy

Evidenced-Based Trauma Treatment

In addition to my depth psychological approach, I am an EMDR therapist. With EMDR, we can target specific distressing memories and current situations that cause emotional distress and reprocess them safely, giving you a sense of relief and the ability to live according to the way you want to live. 

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Breath is energy. Breath is life. 

Quick, deep and intentional breathing can bring about profound healing through the crumbling of judgments and emotional barriers, a sense of expansiveness, emotional release and bliss.

Sessions begin by spending a few moments exploring the primary theme for which you are seeking healing before moving into the breathing practice. The ceremony includes the burning of sage and palo santo and the use of essential oils.   


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